# Point Linux Web Site Localization File. # Copyright (C) 2013 Peter Ryzhenkov . # This file is distributed under the same license as the pointlinux.org package. # Peter Ryzhenkov , 2013. # #, fuzzy msgid "" msgstr "" "Project-Id-Version: pointlinux.org\n" "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: Peter Ryzhenkov \n" "POT-Creation-Date: 2022-09-26 16:13+0300\n" "PO-Revision-Date: 2022-09-26 16:13+0300\n" "Last-Translator: FULL NAME \n" "Language: English (en)\n" "MIME-Version: 1.0\n" "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n" "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n" msgid "\"The Combination of Debian 'Wheezy' and Mate seems very attractive in Point Linux. It combines the proven Debian foundation along with a huge software package archive and first class management with a straight Gnome 2 like desktop.\"" msgstr "" #, php-format msgid "$%s of $%s raised this month ($%s left)" msgstr "" msgid "*Installed by default on Full LiveDVD version only." msgstr "" msgid "32 or 64 bit?" msgstr "" msgid "32-bit version for all PCs (recommended)" msgstr "" msgid "64-bit version for newer PCs" msgstr "" msgid "About MATE window" msgstr "" msgid "Artwork" msgstr "" msgid "Ask questions regarding your Point Linux installation." msgstr "" msgid "Built on Debian. Optimized for Desktops." msgstr "" msgid "Caja (former Nautilus) and Terminal" msgstr "" msgid "Control Center window" msgstr "" msgid "Date and time shown in UTC." msgstr "" msgid "Debian under the hood" msgstr "" msgid "Desktop with core components only" msgstr "" msgid "Direct download" msgstr "" msgid "Direct link:" msgstr "" msgid "Direct or Torrent download?" msgstr "" msgid "Do not donate anything" msgstr "" msgid "Does not include Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, Pidgin, Remmina, Brasero, VLC, Transmission, ships with free multimedia codecs and drivers only." msgstr "" #, php-format msgid "Donate $%s via PayPal" msgstr "" msgid "Download" msgstr "" msgid "Download Now!" msgstr "" #, php-format msgid "Download Point Linux %s obsolete release" msgstr "" #, php-format msgid "Download Point Linux %s stable release" msgstr "" msgid "Download image file from server. Slower and less reliable in some cases." msgstr "" msgid "Download image file with Torrent client. Requires Torrent client application." msgstr "" msgid "Download server:" msgstr "" msgid "English language documentation and promotion." msgstr "" msgid "Full featured desktop (recommended)" msgstr "" msgid "Full or Core version?" msgstr "" msgid "Go to Point Linux download page" msgstr "" msgid "Go to donations page" msgstr "" msgid "Help fund Point Linux!" msgstr "" msgid "Home" msgstr "" msgid "How to burn image on a CD/DVD or USB" msgstr "" msgid "How to create Point Linux mirror in your country." msgstr "" msgid "How to support Point Linux?" msgstr "" msgid "How will the money be used?" msgstr "" msgid "If the \"Send anonymous installation report\" checkbox was on." msgstr "" msgid "Includes Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, Pidgin, Remmina, Brasero, VLC, Transmission, non-free multimedia codecs and hardware drivers." msgstr "" msgid "Join the team" msgstr "" #, php-format msgid "Last %s PayPal donors:" msgstr "" msgid "Latest Point Linux news and announcements on Facebook." msgstr "" msgid "Latest Point Linux news and announcements on Google+." msgstr "" msgid "Latest registered installs:" msgstr "" msgid "Learn Point Linux specific information." msgstr "" msgid "LibreOffice Writer" msgstr "" msgid "LinuxUser Deutschland:" msgstr "" msgid "Live Session" msgstr "" msgid "Logged since April 2013." msgstr "" msgid "Make a donation" msgstr "" msgid "Manuals and howtos" msgstr "" msgid "Mozilla Firefox with the DuckDuckGo default search engine" msgstr "" msgid "Mozilla powered*" msgstr "" msgid "News:" msgstr "" msgid "Official support sources" msgstr "" msgid "Package development, repo and distro build. Web site design and programming." msgstr "" msgid "Please tell other people about Point Linux." msgstr "" msgid "Pluma (former GEdit), Archive Manager and Preferred Applications window" msgstr "" #, php-format msgid "Point Linux %s registered installs: %s" msgstr "" #, php-format msgid "Point Linux %s visual style marries the classic Gnome 2 like 'Clearlooks-Phenix', the GTK2/GTK3 Clearlooks theme mod by Jean-Philippe Fleury with the popular 'Faenza' icon theme by Tiheum and the gorgeous 'The Stars' wallpaper by Balderoine." msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux 3.2 is out! Click here to get it." msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux IRC Channel." msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux Jabber Chatroom." msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux comes with the Mozilla Firefox web browser and Mozilla Thunderbird mail client, bringing these two popular applications on your Debian desktop. Point Linux uses DuckDuckGo, the search engine that does not track your search results. You can easily install Google Chrome or Opera having non-free repositories enabled with a single package installation." msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux forums" msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution that aims to combine the power of Debian GNU/Linux with the productivity of MATE, the Gnome 2 desktop environment fork. Point Linux provides an easy to set up and use distribution for users, looking for a fast, stable and predictable desktop." msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux is a non-profit project bringing you fast and stable Linux based distribution completely free of charge. But Point Linux team needs your donations to be able to develop and release new versions and pay for the production expences. So, if you enjoy using Point Linux, please consider making a donation." msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux is built on and fully compatible with Debian, which is known for its stability. Point Linux optimizes it for desktop use giving you experience not many other Linux distros can offer." msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux is built on top of the popular Debian GNU/Linux operating system. However, being a desktop oriented distro, Point Linux has many things that make the desktop user life easier, such as sudo enabled by default or extended hardware support*. Point Linux also localizes applications during installation, giving you desktop in your native language." msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux is completely free of cost and we don't earn money on it. It is fully funded by donations, sponsors and ads. We want to make a faster, more stable and easier to use distribution, but we need your help to do that." msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux is hosted by PowerComp LLC." msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux lead developer." msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux logo (vector)" msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux on Facebook" msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux on Google+" msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux promotion." msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux reviews" msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux team" msgstr "" msgid "Point Linux uses the MATE desktop environment, trying to fully mimic the Gnome 2 look and feel and provide a comfortable desktop experience for the old school and corporate Linux users, migrating to the modern Debian platform. Point Linux comes with carefully selected minimal set of tools and desktop applications required to start using it to the full." msgstr "" msgid "PowerComp is one of the leading open source software companies in Moscow, Russia, providing enterprise level solutions based on rock-solid open source software. PowerComp provides fast and reliable hosting for Point Linux web site and repository." msgstr "" msgid "Printer management, User Settings and Calculator" msgstr "" #, php-format msgid "Read Point Linux %s release notes" msgstr "" msgid "Read the article (in German)" msgstr "" msgid "Read the release notes" msgstr "" msgid "Return to a page where you came from" msgstr "" msgid "Screenshots" msgstr "" msgid "See Point Linux screenshots" msgstr "" msgid "Select payment system" msgstr "" msgid "Selected payment system site will be opened in a new tab/window." msgstr "" msgid "Size:" msgstr "" msgid "Suitable for all Intel x86 compatible desktops, notebooks and netbooks." msgstr "" msgid "System installation" msgstr "" msgid "System installed with Chinese locale" msgstr "" msgid "System installed with German locale" msgstr "" msgid "System installed with Russian locale" msgstr "" msgid "Thank you for downloading!" msgstr "" msgid "The page you are looking for does not exist." msgstr "" msgid "There are many ways to support Point Linux. You can spread the word, join the development and testing team, help us write documentation or provide artwork. You can also make a donation to help us make Point Linux better." msgstr "" msgid "This release is intended for testing purposes only. Please do not use it in production environments!" msgstr "" msgid "Top PayPal donor:" msgstr "" msgid "Torrent download" msgstr "" #, php-format msgid "Total Point Linux registered installs: %s" msgstr "" msgid "Traditional look and feel" msgstr "" msgid "VLC (Qt4) streaming over network" msgstr "" msgid "Visit the PowerComp LLC. web site" msgstr "" msgid "What is Point Linux?" msgstr "" msgid "Which release to download?" msgstr "" msgid "Why donate?" msgstr "" msgid "Will work on modern computers with CPUs supporting x64 extensions." msgstr "" msgid "XFce Desktop" msgstr "" msgid "XFce with Control Center and Whiskers Menu" msgstr "" msgid "XFce with Mozilla Firefox" msgstr "" msgid "XFce with Terminal and Thunar File Manager" msgstr "" msgid "Your money will be used to cover the development and production costs, to buy new hardware that we use in the production cycle or to handle the underlying project ecosystem." msgstr "" msgid "with" msgstr ""