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How to support Point Linux?

There are many ways to support Point Linux. You can spread the word, join the development and testing team, help us write documentation or provide artwork. You can also make a donation to help us make Point Linux better.

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Top PayPal donor:

24/12/15 John L.$250

Last 10 PayPal donors:

25/07/19 DIMITRIOS M.$0.13
25/06/19 DIMITRIOS M.$0.11
21/06/19 gabriel b.$10
17/06/19 Kevin M.$0.01
17/06/19 Kevin M.$0.01
07/06/19 Robert C O.$10
02/06/19 Horst O.$10
19/05/19 DIMITRIOS M.$0.11
28/04/19 Mark G.$5
16/04/19 DIMITRIOS M.$0.14
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Why donate?

Point Linux is completely free of cost and we don't earn money on it. It is fully funded by donations, sponsors and ads. We want to make a faster, more stable and easier to use distribution, but we need your help to do that.

How will the money be used?

Your money will be used to cover the development and production costs, to buy new hardware that we use in the production cycle or to handle the underlying project ecosystem.